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The Leaders in LED Sports Floodlighting
Sydney based Australian owned


T400 Floodlight Store LED Floodlight

Light Your Game Up

Tennis Court Lighting IWE-TCL and IWE-P Series take your game to the next level, whether residential or club and championship.

Offering an amazing 160 lumens per watt, turning night into day with pure white light. Stay on speaking terms with your neighbours with marketing leading spill control. With a range of fitting options for reducing glare factor with serving or following a high ball. As a downward-facing high-performance LED, the IWE-TCL series is a truly versatile light for all applications.

Upgrade Your Tennis & Sports LED Floodlighting

All the tips, guides and technical information to get the court or industrial illumination you want for your game or site

Tennis Court Lighting LED upgrade
High Performance LED Lighting

Specifically engineered for the needs of Australian tennis players whether for championship, club or residential. Producing an amazing 160 lumens per watt of useable pure white light. Exceptional spill control keeps the light on the court and where it is needed.

LED Floodlight Installation from the Floodlight Store.jpg
High Performance LED Lighting

When performance and professional quality is required. The IWE-P4Z 1280 LED Sports Floodlight is an industry leader for professional championship play.

IWE Z Series Sports LED Light.png


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