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LED Floodlight installation from IWE and the Floodlight Store.JPG


  • Specifically engineered for the needs of Australian tennis and bowls players whether for championship, club or residential courts

  • Offering exceptional spill control keeping the light produced on the court where it is needed and not in your neighbour's lounge room

  • Horizontally mounted lights remove the glare factor when serving, receiving a serve or putting away a high lob

  • Can be fitted with mounting spigots engineered to your pole top requirements making retrofit a breeze

  • Producing an amazing 160 lumens per watt of useable pure white light turning night into day and making the ball explode into your vision

  • Specifically treated using coatings suitable for Australian coastal conditions

  • Cross-purpose LED Floodlights. As a downward-facing light, they are suitable for all sports grounds, car parks, freight yards, container terminals, and car yards. The possible uses are endless

LED Floodlight Installation from the Floodlight Store.jpg
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